Tooth root tip resection

Tooth root tip resection   What is a tooth root tip resection? A tooth resection is a dental surgery procedure performed under local anesthesia, which is considered by specialists to be one of the most effective ways to protect a badly healing tooth after invasive root canal treatment. It is most often performed on single-root teeth, i.e. incisors and canines.   Root tip resection – what is it about? Tooth apex root resection is a procedure performed under local anaesthesia. A specialist should first cut the mucous membrane near the root apex, then cut a small bone window and use a drill to remove the damaged root apex. It is very important that all lesions are removed from the bone at the same time. Finally, the wound from the resection of the tooth root apex should be sewn up.   Resection of the tooth root apex – indications after the procedure After the procedure, the doctor will give the necessary instructions. First of all, it is advisable to apply a cold compress to the operated area, because after the resection of the tooth root, swelling may occur. Unpleasant symptoms such as swelling or local pain usually disappear after a few days. After the tooth resection, the surgeon will also prescribe antibiotics and stronger analgesics, if necessary. The patient should follow a papy diet for 14 days. Sutures are usually removed after 7 days.   Tooth root tip resection – healing time The healing time after a tooth root tip resection is usually several months. The bone defect is filled with a clot, which later turns into a bone. Healing of the mucous membrane in the place of root resection usually takes place after 2-3 weeks. Every few months, it is recommended that you have an inspection by a doctor who will carry out an appropriate examination and take X-rays to check your healing condition.       Contraindications for the procedure of resection of the apex of the tooth root are among others:

• the first trimester of pregnancy,

• milk teeth,

• strong inflammation of the tooth,

• teeth incorrectly positioned in the arch,

• infections of the mouth and throat,

• lip herpes.

    Indications after tooth resection Nie należy ograniczać czynności higienicznych jamy ustnej, z wyłączeniem operowanej okolicy. Zaleca się przyjmowanie rozdrobnionych pokarmów o letniej temperaturze przez około 2 dni. Bezwzględnie konieczne jest co najmniej tygodniowe odstawienie używek. Zalecane jest również kilkudniowe ograniczenie nadmiernego wysiłku fizycznego.