Dental prosthetics


With the development of periodontology, a separate, specialized field of dental prosthetics was created, which is devoted to the reconstruction of the original occlusal conditions after the loss of natural teeth, or after their massive damage. The subject matter of dental prosthetics also includes rehabilitation of patients after surgeries with post-operative dentures and epithets. Prosthetic restorations are used for reconstruction. They can be permanent (non-removable), removable (removable) or combined (removable) or combined (removable dentures connected to fixed dentures by means of bolts, latches, bolts or telescopic crowns).


The possibility of aesthetic correction and reconstruction of one’s own teeth, which are discoloured and incorrectly aligned, is becoming increasingly important. In such cases, thanks to the use of porcelain crowns and veneers, we can achieve excellent aesthetic and functional effects. Even with regular control and systematic treatment, some problems cannot be avoided and sometimes teeth need to be removed. The field, although very old, is developing rapidly and dynamically. It should be noted that here a lot depends not so much on the dentist himself as on the prosthetist who cooperates with him. A dental technician gains experience for years, which has a significant impact on the final result.


Lack of teeth or incorrect tooth alignment have serious health consequences. Painful ailments, tooth mobility and even teeth may start to move. In addition, missing teeth cause great discomfort, which is associated with the patient’s well-being. It is also worth remembering that prosthetic treatment can be performed in people of all ages.


However, prosthetics requires a lot of work, both at the stage of diagnostics, planning and execution of works. The basic assumption in prosthetic work is to obtain the function and aesthetic effect, which will not stand out from other teeth and together with them will blend into a beautiful, natural smile.


The best solutions for improving the shape of teeth and creating an aesthetic and natural smile are porcelain veneers, crowns, dentures and bridges made by specialists from quality materials and with the use of professional equipment.