Computer tomography laboratory

Computer tomography laboratory

The process of computed tomography of teeth, jaw and mandible is completely painless. The examination lasts only a few seconds and the results can be obtained after a few minutes. Our instruments provide a 70-95% reduction in radiation dose compared to conventional CT devices.

Dental tomography is based on the 3D image of our teeth. The three-dimensional image allows for faster diagnosis of our patients.

Benefits for the patient

Computed tomography is a precise positioning of the device. The information obtained thanks to this procedure allows for precise assessment and selection of the best treatment method in further stages of treatment. CT scanner enables to carry out procedures which are performed in hospital conditions.



 X-ray testing is safe if performed with the appropriate dose of care. Staff shall be trained to use the minimum amount of radiation necessary to achieve the expected results. The radiation doses used during the examination shall always be as low as possible to obtain good quality images. Past values are determined by law and may not be exceeded. X-rays are constantly monitored in our laboratories.